Adiposity and Osteoarthritis

            Special thanks to DPT students Kelly Gabbett, Sarah Glazewski, Mark Abrams, Victoria Bensinger (Widener University Class of 2024)           We all know that carrying excessive weight has a negative impact on our joints but the magnitude of that impact goes beyond the compression forces.  When an individual is overweight or obese, the …

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Telescoping Sign Demonstration

Pediatric Hip Stability Assessment

    Pediatric Hip Stability Assessment Congenital hip dislocation (CHD) is a condition that can occur in utero.  Another name for this condition is “developmental dysplasia of the hip.”  Hip instability is one of the most common abnormality in newborns.  Approximately 1 in 10 have hip instability.  The pathogenesis has been identified to be caused …

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