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iOrtho+® Premium is an evidence-based orthopedic web app with >450 clinical tests, >120 manual techniques, statistical data, and >1300 references to help you improve treatments, techniques, and results! The resource is useful for rehabilitation professionals, educators, clinicians, and students. This app puts a plethora of evidence-based knowledge at your fingertips through any browser.

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Who Uses iOrtho+® Premium
  • MD, DO, DC
  • PA
  • PT, PTA
  • ATC
  • NP, RN, LP
  • OT, COTA
  • Educators & Students
iOrtho+® Premium Clinical Tests
  • 450+ clinical exam and screening techniques
  • High-quality photos
  • Concise descriptions
  • Statistics – sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios, clustering of tests
  • 1300+ references with direct links to the literature
iOrtho+® Premium Manual Techniques
  • 120+ manual techniques
  • High-quality photos
  • Vector arrows to assist with the direction of force
  • Concise descriptions
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iOrtho+® Premium is a subscription-based mobile app resource focused on tests/techniques of joints in the human body. One can subscribe monthly or yearly. While textbooks are only updated every 3-4 years, iOrtho+® Premium is updated semi-annually to provide you with the most current resource possible. With more than 450 clinical tests and more than 120 manual techniques, the Premium version puts the volume of a textbook at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost . iOrtho+® Premium also includes high-quality images and videos to enhance the user experience.

iOrtho+® Premium is designed to make navigation as simple as touching 1 of the 8 joints/spine areas on the skeleton to then drill down to the sub-categories of clinical tests and manual techniques. Tests/Techniques are organized by location and tissue to make finding a task easy. In an instant, you see a high-quality image/video with access to a concise written description, statistical data, and references.

These items indicate a variety of valuable information. Please select the “Hamburger icon” (3 stacked lines) on the home screen. Select the “Resources” tab to read all about how these items are used in iOrtho+® Premium app. Here is a brief summary:
  • The RED glove is used on the hand performing the stabilization of a structure while the GREEN glove is on the hand creating a movement or mobilizing force
  • Arrows are used to indicate the direction of movement or force application. X’sare used to indicate a point of stabilization or resistance to movement.

  • The arrows & stars in the right column of the clinical tests are to help you quickly identify strong diagnostic and/or screening tools.

    • Individual tests that have sensitivity > 90% are depicted by  i.e. rule OUT the diagnosis (Sn-OUT)
    • When several tests are clustered together to yield a sensitivity > 90%, a     is used
    • Individual tests that have specificity > 90% are depicted by   i.e. rule IN the diagnosis (Sp-IN)
    • When several tests are clustered together to yield a specificity > 90%, a    is used
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