Evidence-Based Orthopedic Web App

iOrtho+® Premium is an evidence-based orthopedic app with 450+ tests, 120+ manual techniques, statistical data, and 1300+ references to help you improve treatments, techniques, and results! The resource is useful for rehabilitation professionals, educators, clinicians, and students. This app puts a plethora of evidence-based knowledge at your fingertips.

  • 450+ Ortho exam techniques
  • 120+ Manual techniques
  • 1300+ References with direct links

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Here’s how it works?

1. On the Website Homepage, click the type of subscription you want on the Subscribe Now! Button
2. Proceed to checkout
3. Check your email for a link to set your password
4. Access Premium Web App & ENJOY

What Our Web App Offers

Succinct Descriptions

iOrtho+® Premium App content is clear, short and to the point.

High Quality Images and Videos

All the media (images and videos) are of higher resolution and quality

2 Subscription Options

  • $9.99 per year
  • $1.99 per month

Exceptional Customer Service

iOrtho+® Premium is committed to exceptional customer service. If you have a problem, please email info@iortho.xyz

Who Uses iOrtho+® Premium

  • MD, DO, DC
  • PA
  • PT, PTA
  • ATC
  • NP, RN, LPN
  • OT, COTA
  • Educators
  • Students

iOrtho+® Premium Manual Techniques

  • 120+ manual techniques
  • High quality photos
  • Vector arrows to assist with direction of force
  • Concise descriptions


iOrtho+® Premium Clinical Tests

  • 450+ clinical tests
  • 120+ manual techniques
  • High quality photos
  • Concise descriptions
  • Statistics – sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios, clustering of tests
  • 1300+ references with direct links to the literature

Access iOrtho+® Premium Today

  • Only $1.99 per month, or $9.99 per year for complete web-based access on all your devices
  • iOrtho+® Premium is frequently updated
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • No hidden fees


If you have a problem, please email to info@iortho.xyz