Ortho Notes, 4th Edition

Pocket-sized clinical companions.
Perfect wherever you are…in class, in clinic, and on the field at your fingertips with this handy, easy-to-use guide. Each joint tab includes the most effective special tests (rated by sensitivity and specificity), medical screening, imaging, mechanism of injury, ROM, strength and functional deficits.

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Sport Notes

In any venue—the field, the gym, the ice rink—rely on this handy pocket guide to examination and treatment in the popular Davis’s Notes format. It’s packed with all of the information you need to quickly respond to any situation, but small enough fit in your kit, so you can always have it at hand.

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Screening Notes

This handy pocket guide gives you the essential orthopedic information you need in class, clinical, and practice.

Key Features

  • Tabs organized by lifespan, and within each tab, by body system.
  • Coverage of the most common signs and symptoms of pathology.

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Mobilization Notes

This handy, full color, pocket guide provides the rehabilitation specialist with innovative intervention strategies that are designed to address impairments in joint mobility.

Arranged by anatomic region, it provides an overview of functional anatomy and joint kinematics for the spine and extremities.

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