Do you know the iOrtho+ Premium story?

       Do you know the iOrtho+ Premium story?

Today I would like to share with you the journey of iOrtho+ Premium App.  In an academic environment, we frequently try to find resources to help our students be successful.  If they are not available, sometimes we have to create them.  Over a decade ago, students in my orthopedic class asked for an outline of the orthopedic tests they needed to know for the midterm written and practical examinations.  That was a reasonable request and it was provided.  When the final examinations rolled around, they asked for the same thing BUT asked if I could put pictures next to the clinical test descriptions.  OK, a little more challenging but still “do-able.”   After the final examination, the students commented the study guide was very helpful and indicated they wanted to laminate it to go into the clinic.  Hum, maybe they were on to something.  If I put a little more work into the task, could I create a resource similar to the laminated study guides found in Barnes & Noble?  You know the ones…..things like the periodic table, physics principles, and mathematical formulas.  So, I went to work to develop a reference guide for each of the following areas:  the upper extremity, lower extremity, cervical-thoracic spine, and lumbo-sacral spine.  Each resource included clinical tests and manual techniques and they were named “Quick Notes.”   


Although they are still available for sale on  they were really the spring board for the development of the mobile app.   We had the content organized and written but we did not have the skills to compile the information into a mobile app format.  After exploring a variety of options, we hired a developer to create the Apple version.  We started with just 80 clinical tests and 80 manual techniques.  It was successful and we began to think about an Android version.  We were approached by the director of a university computer science program.  He asked if we would be interested in having the Android version of iOrtho+ developed as a senior project.  We were thrilled with the opportunity to have the app go full circle….developed with students for students.  The Android version was launched and then we began to focus on expanding the content.  With updates every 6 months, the 80 tests and techniques grew to 200 clinical tests and 100 manual techniques.  We put out a challenge!  “Send us a reference for a test not in iOrtho+ and get a FREE gift card!”


With input from users, iOrtho+ Premium grew to over 450 clinical tests and over 120 manual techniques.  Over time, the regulations and costs to maintain Apple and Android apps increased.  There was a point where we had to decide to either raise the price or find another source to host the app.  

Raising the price was not an attractive option since the app was developed for students and we all know they don’t have a lot of money.  There are other orthopedic apps on the market but every one of them is significantly more expensive.  CORE is $39.99, OMT is $19.99 per body region, McGraw-Hill Case Files is 17 years old, Orthopedic Examination is $12.99 but all of the videos are from youtube, and finally PhysioU is $109 per year (on sale).  We acknowledge PhysioU has a lot more than just orthopedic information but why pay for more than you need/want.   So, the goal for iOrtho+ Premium was always to strive to provide a quality product at a very affordable price.  With the help of developers, we decided to transition to a WEB-based app with a subscription model.  This allowed users to have the flexibility of subscribing on ANY device with one subscription.  One subscribes on  to set up a user name and password.  Then you have full access on any device you chose:  phone, tablet, or desktop by going to    Changing phones, tablets, or laptops would not matter since the app is WEB-based.  In addition, as developers, we could concentrate on ONE platform to keep the cost at only $9.99 per year (only of fraction of our competitor’s fee).

Throughout the decade of the evolution of iOrtho+ Premium, the focus has always been on providing the best evidence-based orthopedic resource available.  Yes, it is easy to Google any clinical test or technique but how do you know the information on any given website is accurate?  We strive to have information and statistical data all in one place and from reliable sources.  To be a resource you can trust at an affordable subscription price.  All of us have come to trust textbooks also but in this age, textbooks are usually only updated every 3 to 4 years.  Electronic resources like iOrtho+ Premium are updated twice a year.  This allows you to have cutting-edge information.  Did you know you can even contribute to the content of iOrtho+ Premium?   If you find a peer-reviewed test or technique that is not in iOrtho+ Premium, you can submit it to and we will send you a gift card. 

So to summarize, our mission has always been and will continue to be a cost-effective, trusted resource with the ease of having all your orthopedic needs on the device of your choice.   This mission began to help students be successful and over the years we have received numerous wonderful compliments on how iOrtho+ helped students in their orthopedic class, have quick access to information on clinical rotations, and pass boards.  That is what the iOrtho+ Premium story is all about.


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